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its like writing shadows to the stars

“yo whats wrong with J yo?”,

“he’s like outside doin the sad robot at the stars.”

“hes just listening to that new album,

no one comments on a dead mans soul.”l



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Yeah so I’m thinking now, that blogging feels to me like “building your own coffin”.  I feel as if I am in an eternity of building my own coffin, lighting it on fire and roasting marshmallows on it eternally.

The carving of my coffin would resemble the functionality of the universe in that as a young man grows older so does an old man grow younger. 

you see one day johnny grows up and realizes

no. he doesnt. bitch><<>><

mountain is high

You ever hear the joke, “I like to sleep because its like death without the commitment”, well “writing is like sleep and i have even less commitment.

Earlier in life I actually went through a time of purposefully burning everything I had written in the past week. I made it a ritual for about six months 6 days and six hours, that is until I started noticing that I had cursed myself.

Can you even imagine how stupid it feels to accidentally curse yourself?  It’s really not the best feeling. The world becomes tinted slightly and you smell death on everything.

You grow an insatiable appetite and you forget everything.

And that’s not the worst of it. the first time I realized that I was trapped inside my mind, I woke up 15 days later all missing time.

Life spirals down continuously without end.

The End.

….and we appear again. TimeInTimeAgain


ask me…that thought again. oh no, not the world and I.